The following series was part of a test for the 228mm H-alpha refractor. Only the red part of the spectrum is usable (as it should) so only monochrome images have resulted. All three imaged planets were at around 20 to 23 degrees above the horizon, so pretty low for any serious images; still, some details are detectable, like the GRS, the Cassini division, the polar cap.



While testing some filters (both H alpha and others), I’ve also acquired a few views of today’s solar features. A few spots, a few proms, and some other details observable in the chromosphere. All shot with the 150mm achromat and Quark filter.


And a prominance:


3. The planets with the 355mm Newtonian on August 3, 2020. Under moderate to good seeing. Mars is getting bigger 😉

Planets of Aug3.jpg

Mars Aug32020

Mars Aug32020ir.jpg

An animation spanning almost half an hour:


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