A new comet – C 2020 F3 NEOWISE

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It’s been so long since my last good comet…Hale Bopp in 1997…

Now we have a new and superb comet before sunrise, easily visible with the naked eye.


July 8

After loosing a few days of this comet due to other activities, I’ve finally manage to get my motivation up and drove 40 kilometers from home, near a highway. To be honest, I was not prepared for this show: a nice 1.5 degrees tail rising from behind some trees almost perpendicular to the horizon. I’ve estimated the comet at around Mag 0, with a +2 nucleus, but all this in the glare of the Moon and some haze. I did however shoot the comet with two different lenses, and found the tail to be around 4 degrees in length. Also the faint ion tail was detectable. This comet starts to look similar to the 1997′ Hale Bopp…which is good 😉

The setup: a 65mm F/6.5 APO and a Canon 70-200mm L lens, both with the Canon 6D and exposure from 5 to 12 seconds at ISO 800 to 1600, all on an EQ6 mount. Such an easy comet to photograph!

Shots with the 70-200mm lens:

NEW 3.jpg


NEO 2.jpg

Shots with the 65mm APO:

NEO 4.jpg

And the ion tail detectable:

Picture saved with settings embedded.

July 10, at sunset:

AT SUNset.jpg

July 11, at sunset:


July 14, at sunset:



July 15, at sunrise:


pano july 15.jpg

July 15, at sunset:

Enisala and NEOWISE

July 16, at sunset:

neowise july 16

July 20, at sunset:




NEOWISE stars removed.jpg

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