Partial Solar Eclipse – June 21, 2020

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It’s been a loooooong time since my last astro images, and now I had just under one hour of solar imaging during a partial (in Romania) solar eclipse. The forecast was pretty strange for my location, so I didn’t have much hope…Yet, in between the clouds, I did manage to get just enough to show the event as it was seen from my part of the World.

The equipment was a rather light one, with the small 65mm APO Refractor coupled to the H alpha filter and ASI 174MM camera. Very poor seeing :(, but the solar chromosphere is discernible…

A panoramic view, with a faint prominence in the far right:


A more “classic” view, with false color added to better show what the view looked like in the eyepiece:


And the fourth contact, with the lunar limb just touching the solar one; only the chromosphere gives away the presence of the Moon:

4th contact

I also have enough frames to make up a short movie of the Moon exiting the Sun, yet it will take more time for me to finish it…

4 Replies to “Partial Solar Eclipse – June 21, 2020”

  1. Salut, cum te impaci cu DayStar Quark-ul? Am vazut ca il ai din 2016. M-ar fi incantat sa-mi iau pentru vizual, cuplat cu o luneta TS ED 102 f/7. Mersi šŸ™‚

    1. Salut. E ok, la pretul asta deh, nu gasesti ceva foarte bun in alta parte. Pt vizual e super, pentru imagini ai mult de munca datorita neuniformitatii cristalului de mica. E cam loterie, poti sa ai noroc sa ti pice unul foarte uniform…la mine nu a fost cazul, si procesarea dureaza mult din cauza asta. Per total insa, la pretul de 1000 euro e bun.

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