The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Mars – January 7, 2018

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A rare conjunction occurred in the morning of January 7. Mars and Jupiter gathered (apparently) very close in the morning sky, less than half of the Moon’s diameter.

Of course I had to image the event, and got to my usual observing location early in the morning, only to find that fog was filling the entire area. I did however managed to capture some scenic shots, and eventually also some telescopic views.

First, the scenic shots (Canon 550D with Canon 100mm lens and the old 18-55mm kit lens):




And the first telescopic view, this one being acquired with the 115mm F/7 APO refractor and ASI1600MM camera with no filters. 190×5 sec frames. There are a few small galaxies also in this shot.


A comparison shot of the recent event, showing the Moon and Jupiter+Mars at the same scale. Images acquired with the same equipment, and thus at the same scale.


More shots are being processed…

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