A short trip with a friend outside Bucharest for a much shorter astro-event: the transit of the ISS over the Moon.

A beginners mistake made the shape of the Station a bit blurred (didn’t set the exposure time correct-  2.4 milisec instead of less than 1 milisec). But it will be different next time 🙂

The station passed over the large lava-filled crater Sinus Iridum (Bay of Rainbows), this is where the “SI” letters in the title come from.

ISS-Moon transit.jpg

And a short animation, showing the station move across the lunar surface about 10 times slower compared to the actual event time:


And a view of Mare Crisium on the terminator. Only 400 frames out of 1000 with the 8 inch Newtonian and ASI 1600MM and Red filter in 5/10 seeing.


And a larger mosaic, again in mediocre seeing conditions. I could not finish the entire mosaic due to dew forming on the secondary mirror (no dew heater for this one…).



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