M1 – the Crab Nebula – January 2018

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This is another work in progress. But it will take some time to finish this one….

Using the “add hundreds of short frames” technique with the 14inch scope, I’ve managed to add some 900 frames of the very interesting object called “the Crab Nebula” in Taurus. The local conditions were very poor, with mostly mediocre seeing and cirrus clouds with some light fog, far from what “deep sky photography” requires. Nevertheless, the sole goal of this project was to get as many frames as possible of this object, and try to extract some fine details of the intricate structure inside it. After processing the following image, I’ve concluded that I need at least 2000-4000 more frames in order to get a nice final image of the object…So, the next couple of nights with clear skies will be dedicated to this crab…


And a wide field shot, reduce to around 50%, made out of only 100 frames. But these frames ranged from 20 to 60 seconds at gain 150 to 200; the scope was being guided using a homemade 60mm guidescope and PHD2 software. It seems that it is possible to get decent results with the 14inch Newtonian on the eq6 mount…



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