M1, Hubble’s Nebula and M41 – December 27,2016

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Another session with my brother-in-law and the ASI1600MM, and this time my first “nicer” shot: the M1 “Crab Nebula” in Taurus.

The equipment: 115mm F/7 APO Refractor with field-flattener and ASI1600MM with no filter. The EQ6 mount was  self guiding after an initial 3-star alignment; this allowed for pinpoint stars at 20 seconds of exposure, but 25 to 30 seconds shots were also possible. The conditions were not the best at all: suburban sky, mag +5.0 visual, some wind, and -6 Celsius.

Despite these, the following shot presents some nice structural details inside “the Crab” and also five asteroids from mag +17 to +18.3 in the field (thanks to Adrian Sonka I was able to identify them as well):


Despite catching five asteroids in the field, many more were too dim for my setup and conditions to image. To put thing into perspective, here are the positions of known asteroids in the field of view at the moment of acquisition:


And a closer view of the nebula, with an inverted view, for better discerning the filaments inside the nebula:

Crab detail.jpg

Despite being a rather short total exposure under suburban skies, the image turned up pretty nice; this is also my very first image of this object…

Another shot, this time a second run at this object, showing Hubble’s Variable Nebula with some distinct changes (especially close to its source-star), compared to the December 2 image:

Huble Comp.jpg

And an animation:

Hubble anim.gif

And a last shot for this session, only 3 frames each a 20-second image, of the open star cluster Messier 41:


2 Replies to “M1, Hubble’s Nebula and M41 – December 27,2016”

  1. Foarte tare, Max ! O abordare diferita a ceea ce inseamna astrofoto pentru deep-sky. Sa stapanesti sanatos camera cea noua!

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