Comet 45P Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakova – December 25, 2016

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A new session with this nice comet at sunset. Very low above the horizon, but this time presenting a nice tail. Again this comet was used also as a test subject: the ASI1600MM coupled this time with the small 65 mm APO Refractor. It turns out that this combination is actually great for wide-field deep-sky imaging.

First, the comet:

45P on stars.jpg

Comet 45P.jpg

And since my brother in-law was with me and we were both wanting to see some other objects, I’ve decided to get some very-short exposures of a few other targets.

For example, with the limiting visual magnitude of +5.4 at zenith, we could see rather well the Andromeda galaxy; so the conditions were quite good for my suburban location.

One of the targets was galaxy NGC 7331 together with the nearby small galaxy cluster “Stephan’s Quintet” and many other small galaxies scattered in the field. Some galaxies are mag. +15 !!! That is something, considering that only 10 frames were stacked, each a 20 seconds exposure. 3 minutes and 20 seconds of total exposure for mag +15 on suburban skies with a 65 mm refractor !


Of course, for a good image, I would need something like 200 or 500 frames; but for now, I believe the results are very promising.

One other subject: M 52 open star cluster together with the Bubble Nebula. Only about 3  minutes was the total exposure time.


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