The Rosette, the Horsehead and comet Johnson – December 30, 2016

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Another trip to the Runcu Stone location in Dambovita County, under rather dark skies. This time I had a mag +6 sky at my disposal, with a few meteors and a lovely horizon-to-horizon Milky Way.

There were many subjects to choose from, but my list resumed to three: the Rosette nebula, the Horsehead nebula and comet Johnson.

First, the end result showing Rosette with its open cluster (NGC 2244) in black-and-white:


And a color version, with data from 2014 acquired with a small 65mm refractor and Canon 550D DSLR:


Now, the Horsehead nebula, with a geostationary satellite streak. This is work in progress, but I don’t know when I will revisit this object:


And the last object, the small comet Johnson, located at the moment near the Ursa Major / Bootes border:

C2015 V2.jpg

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