Some H-alpha shots from today showing the changing group 2585 in good conditions, and also a few prominences. Not the best seeing in the world, but good enough. Plus, I had some time to test my new Teleskop Service 0.5X reducer which seems to be quite good for wider views (despite some vignetting).

Equipment: 115mm F/7 Refractor, Quark chromosphere, ASI 174MM. Seeing: 4-5/10. First image pair is with the o.5x reducer.

09 56 ut reducer col.jpg

09 56 ut bw.jpg

10 01 ut sept 5 col.jpg

10 01 ut sept 5 bw.jpg

And a slightly different processing of another image showing AR2585 and the near-by filament:

10 07 ut col.jpg

10 07 ut.jpg


protub 10 17ut.jpg

10- 08 ut.jpg

And one more shot, this time acquired with the 65mm F/6.5 Refractor and 0.5x reducer. The Sun was low, so good seeing was out of the question. Nevertheless, I had to try this combination also:

Full disc 65q.jpg

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