Sunspot group 2585 is a nice active region with the group evolving in a matter of minutes. Following are a few shots from today, under poor to good seeing conditions (fast changing conditions). A short animation will follow, as soon as I get the time to process it.

Equipment: 115mm F/7 Refractor, Quark Chromosphere, ASI 174MM.

08 53 ut col.jpg

08 53 utbw.jpg

And a wider view, showing a large filament close to AR2585. Poor seeing conditions for this 2-frame mosaic:


A 10-frame (processed frames, each a 600 frames stack) image. Of course, many if not all of the features have changed in size and position during the time frame, but it does look more…artistic:


And now two animations showing the small changes around AR2585.

The first one, a wider view animation, also shows the rotation of the Sun over a period of only 55 minutes:

Sept 2 wide.gif

The second animation shows the changes at the hart of AR2585:

Sept 2 detail.gif

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