Giant sunspot AR2192 – October 22, 2014

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After a very bad session the day before (October 21, under extremely bad seeing) I’ve got lucky enough to capture again the giant sunspot group AR2192 under decent conditions (compared to the previous day).

This rapidly changing/evolving group is positioning itself towards us (the Earth). Besides the high probability of X-class flares it’s also showing us a lot more details.

This is why I’m trying as much as possible to get some decent images of the largest (in terms of area and sunspot core surface) sunspot group of 2014.

The first image was acquired in the focal plane of the 115mm Refractor in rather poor seeing conditions. I am posting it only because it shows just how big this group is, comparing it with the solar disc delimited by the limb.

Sunspot group 2192

The following is an image acquired in far better seeing conditions:

AR2192 Oct 22, 2014 small_

And an animation assembled from only two images (each a 1000 frames stack) acquired over a 25 minute period, showing the rapid changes inside the group. The animation uses the “fade” transition and thus gives the “feeling” of constant evolution which is actually rather accurate in this situation.

spot evolution Oct 22

While I was acquiring the frames for the above images, the seeing was slightly improving, so I’ve decided to increase the image scale by inserting another Powermate in the optical chain. This resulted in some better detail definition inside the group.

AR2192 Oct 22, 2014_

Again, the almost 25 minute period between the two images allowed me to capture some changes inside the group. This is shown in the following image:

AR2192 Oct 22, 2014 large

The differences are better seen in this animation:

spot evolution Oct 22 large

I’m glad that I could make another image acquisition of this impressive sunspot. Hope I will see it again, soon.


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