Giant sunspot AR 2192 – October 20, 2014

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There is a giant sunpost group on the face of our Sun these days. It’s poetic name is AR2192 and it covers an immense area on the solar surface.

Of course I had to get some time and acquire some images.

The following two versions of the same image were processed in both black-and-white and color to (perhaps) better show the aspect of this group near the solar limb. The equipment was the TS APO115mm F/7 Refractor working at F/18 and ASI120MM with Baader Green filter. The front full-aperture filter was Astrosolar with ND=3.8. Only the best 800 out of 8000 frames were selected, and this was because the seeing conditions were rather poor: 4/10.

pete 20 oct

pete 20 oct color

And a second image of this group, this time shot at F/38. The seeing was fluctuating from 3/10 to 4/10. Despite this, some finer structural details are visible compared to the above images.

AR 2192 Oct 20

The final image showing perhaps better the relative size of the sunspot on the solar disc. The image was shot in the focal planet of the refractor (800mm).

low magnification


(October 20, 2014)

UPDATE (October 21, 2014):

I’ve processed some of the images, this time from a different series of frames, acquired in slightly better seeing conditions:

2192 BW

2192 color

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