This is an image of the well known planetary nebula “Eskimo” in the constellation Gemini. A well placed object in the winter sky, and a nice view in instruments above 100mm in diameter.

In larger scopes however, the details really start to show, but in no way are they close to astro-images of this object. For example the view in the following shot is not to be seen visually with the same scope I’ve imaged it. You’ll need excellent seeing for those small filaments at the core of the nebula, but in order to see them you will also need to employ a rather large magnification (above 200x) which on the other hand means that the surface of the nebula will get really dim…So the best way to truly enjoy this objects is:


This is still work in progress, but I could add some colors to the above image, colors coming from a session 4 years ago…


My older shot of the Eskimo can be found here.

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