Following I shall post the results of a long planetary imaging session.  Three of the four planets visible this time of the year were imaged, each in different seeing conditions.

First, Saturn, in very good seeing conditions for the altitude. A whitish little storm is detectable near the North pole. The polar hexagon is also discernible.

Saturn August 6 2018.jpg

The three planets imaged on the night of August 6-7, using the same equipment, and thus being shown at the same scale. Very poor seeing for Jupiter, but this planet was very low at the time of the acquisition. Saturn was imaged in some very good seeing for the altitude. Mars had its good moments, but I was expecting some better conditions: Syrtis Major is visible, as is the polar cap with some dark markings.

All images acquired in infrared light, with Saturn being imaged with both IR and Red filters.

Planets of August2018.jpg

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