ISS solar transit – August 7, 2018

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A new solar transit for me, after quite some time since my last such event. This time I went not too far away, South of Bucharest, with another astro-fanatic, Andrei Nica.

Lovely location, rather hot, and clear skies around our target…

As always, just as the event time was near, a nice little fluffy cloud formed near the Sun…The seeing went a bit crazy, but we’ve managed to catch the ISS in front of the blank Sun.

Equipment: 150mm F/5 homemade refractor (AT f/15), Herschel prism, green filter, ASI 174MM. Prediction via CalSky website.

Images as follows: single frame from the sequence, a composite image of the acquired frames onto a single image and an inset of a 23-frame stack, the color version of the previous.

single frame.jpg



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