Tiangong 1 solar transit – March 28, 2018

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This is my first and last image of the Chinese Tiangong 1 Space Station. It is due to fall back on Earth in three days…

I had no clouds for this event, but the altitude of the Sun was rather low (28 degrees) and together with some poor seeing, the silhouette of Tiangong 1 is barely discernible.

Nevertheless, this is surely one of the last observation of the station before it enters the atmosphere…

Equipment: 150mm F/5 Refractor, Baader Herschel wedge, ASI 174MM, Red filter. Plus a stray dog 🙂




The transit area via CalSky.com.


A sequence and a detail image showing some structural elements.


And a small animation, showing the exit of the Station at 6fps, 20 times slower compared to the original recording.

tiangong1 6fps.gif

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