Despite being apparently small, sunspot 2680 is actually still larger than the Earth. The umbra only is the size of our planet. Each element of the solar granulation is larger than a small country. And they are all bubbles of plasma…The Sun is indeed a very big…ball.

Setup: 355mm Newtonian, full frontal filter, ASI 174MM, red filter. Mostly very poor seeing, despite being high up in the mountains (above 1500 meters). For brief moments the seeing got quite good, but there were only very few frames to select for a final image.

I shall get back to this post with more shots involving both the sunspot itself and other elements of the one day expedition in search of great seeing locations.


A short animation that shows the evolution of spot 2680 and the boiling of the granulation over just 8 minutes.


And the best result from this session:

10 23 utl sept 17.jpg

10 23 ut col sept 17.jpg

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