A new lunar imaging session, again early in the morning…a bit too early for me.

But this time the seeing conditions were good (but still not very good), so now another 250Gb of data are waiting to be processed.

Equipment: 355mm F/5 Newtonian, ASI 174MM with red filter. Seeing: variable from 4/10 to 7/10 (only very briefly).

Crater Aristarchus and Vallis Schroeteri (closeup):


Crater Bullialdus:


Crater Copernicus:


Sinus Iridum with a large number of small craters on its floor. There are also a couple of submerged craters in the image. Can you spot them?


The strange-looking crater Schiller:


The ghostly illuminated area of Gassendi and its many rills on the floor. There is also a 400-500 meters wide small rille in the image.


And crater Clavius under a very low Sun. This is one image I was looking to acquire for many years.


Crater Fra Mauro: the intended landing site of the Apollo 13 mission, and the landing area of the Apollo 14 mission.


Vallis Schroteri and crater Aristarchus area under moderate illumination. A wealth of rills are visible around the Aristarchus Plateau.


And a wallpaper designated image (Full HD) showing Plato in shadows and the lunar South Pole. This mosaic is now under careful processing, so a higher resolution image will be soon posted here.


A three frame mosaic, showing Plato deep in the shadows:


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