Sunspot AR 2673 is getting closer to the solar limb. It is very impressive still, with a very complex shape and strong magnetic field. Its a “must see” group!

Equip: 200mm F/5 Newton telescope, full aperture frontal filter, ASI 174MM and Baader Red filter. Seeing 5/10.

ar 2673 sept 6.jpg

ar 2673 sept 6 bw.jpg

AR 2673 0945 UT COLOR.jpg

AR 2673 0945 UT BW.jpg

09 15 ut wl bw.jpg

09 15 ut wl color.jpg

Only a couple of hours after the above shots were acquired, this group unleashed an X-9 class flare. I was able to observe the aftermath after two more hours:

AR2673 X9 FLARE.jpg

AR2673 X9.jpg


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