Sunspot groups 2673 and 2674 – September 4, 2017

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Two sunspot groups are visible these days on the Sun, one very large and one very complex. AR 2673 is a very fast evolving region.
Setup: 115mm F/7 APO Refractor, ASI 174MM, QUARK H-alpha filter. Seeing 4-5/10. Two image mosaic.

ar 2674 2673.jpg

ar 2674 2673 bw.jpg

A white light view of the groups:

ar 2674 2673 wl.jpg

And an animation showing the diference between the white light and h-alpha views:

h alpha to wl.gif

Another interesting feature, this time on the solar limb: a large and complex, but somehow faint, prominence.

Large prom.jpg

Large prom bw.jpg

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