My final result of the Horsehead Nebula (also known as Barnard 33) in Orion. For now at least. Next time I will image this object it will be in the light of hydrogen. For now, this is what 80 minutes (192 frames, each a 25 seconds exposure) of unfiltered data looks like under good conditions (mag +6 sky):


And a smaller version, this time together with the Flame Nebula. This is a two-frame mosaic, resized to 70%.


A crop 100% size, mosaic. A different processing workflow was used:


And the Flame nebula, reworked:


2 Replies to “Horsehead Nebula – 2016/2017”

  1. Very good. I’m a little surprised of the quality of these pictures, especially considering the short time of exposure. It seems that ASI1600 is a good camera. Of course, the quality of the sky is important, but still, for a sensor with relatively small pixel size, is a good result. It would be interesting for everyone if you’ll share your impressions about it.

    1. Thank you Dragos! The camera is indeed very good, but in terms of sensitivity the ASI 174MM seems better. Not by much. But the ASI 1600MM in 2×2 binning is better compared to 174MM. Plus it has a bit of extra resolution (in 2×2), and of course much higher in 1×1. A great disadvantage is the low frame rate at high res for the 1600MM. This happens on my rather old laptop, still with SSD drives. Must upgrade this soon. I will comment a bit about the camera in a further post.

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