NGC 891 and friends -January 2, 2017

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NGC 891 is an interesting edge-on galaxy found in the constellation of Andromeda. It is “only” 30-million light years away.

Not a difficult object to observe at the eyepiece, even in small instruments. I’ve observed the galaxy at 40x magnification before starting the image acquisition, and the highly elongated shape is easily visible. Unfortunately, no dark lane observable through the 4.5 inch refractor, but I know that the dust lane is reserved to telescopes of at least 8 inches in diameter.

The interesting fact about the following image is that not only NGC891 is well visible, but many more faint galaxies are imaged all around the frame. Some go as faint as magnitude +18, some perhaps fainter.

So, the image (quite large). Note that the stars towards the corners of the image are quite elongated, due to a incorrect distance of the imaging camera from the field flattener (I shall correct that!).


And some of the more interesting galaxies in the field, with their “proper” names and magnitudes:


Spending a bit more time with the above image, I’ve determined the limiting stellar magnitude in the image (+20.5), and also found out that I’ve captured the light of the two dwarf satellites of NGC 891, one of which (dwB) has a very low surface brightness and a magnitude (R) of +17.98! This is good news for me, imaging such a dim object with a rather small refractor and camera setup.

More about the two dwarf satellites can be found HERE.

And the identification:

two dwarf satellites.jpg

3 Replies to “NGC 891 and friends -January 2, 2017”

  1. Excelent. Am obosit numarand DSO-urile din imaginea asta. Ce sunt curios, este locatia. Cam pe unde e Runcu?

    1. Locatia este langa Cabana Runcu Stone, undeva langa localitatea Runcu, Dambovita. La aprox 30 km Nord de Targoviste. Este o locatie buna, pentru mine accesibila usor (socrii mei stau chiar in Targoviste) la 40 minute (iarna, cu gheata si polei) de condus. La vara cred ca drumul dureaza cam 30 minute cel mult. Deci accesibil. Mai bun cerul in zona ar fi la Cota 1000, ceva mai departe in Nord, insa acolo apar alte probleme, si una peste alta cred ca schimb complet locatia de imagini in zona cu Runcu. Elevatia aici este de 800 metrii. Poluare luminoasa este in sud de la Targoviste, in nord de la Sinaia, si in vest de la Campulung. Cea mai enervanta este de la Sinaia (dar nu departe este cea de la Targoviste).

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