Another shot with the “new” 150mm refractor. This time the seeing was better compared to the last session, and the potential of this new instrument is becoming apparent. There are a few issues that must be addressed concerning the focuser and the balance of the entire setup, but for now I will let it just as it is.

First, a shot of AR 2592 , a new active region that has some potential for small flares. The image was flat-corrected since at F/33 all the small dust particles from the optical elements become apparent, and also due to the uneven contrast of the Quark filter.

ar 2592 sept 16, 2016.jpg

And a small prominence:

small prominence sept 16, 2016.jpg

And some H-alpha art. I don’t especially like this type of processing (but I might change my opinion in time), since it does not say the “true” story of the Sun’s surface, but it does add an apparent 3d effect to the surface features. This type of processing is done by adding an inverted view of the original onto a slightly overexposed version of the original; in this way the prominences remain visible, but the surface is now inverted.


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