First “H-alpha light” of the 150mm Refractor – September 15, 2016

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I’ve just bought an used 150mm F/8 SkyWacther Achromat Refractor for the sole purpose to get “deeper” into the H-alpha imaging. Of course, as with all my instruments, the weather did not cooperate. This time it was the seeing that was horrible (usually it was “only” the clouds that did not allow any testing). A value of 3/10 with some “spikes” at 4-5/10 was all I’ve got for about one hour. Still, the potential of this scope is apparent already. Just one image pair for now:

ar 2590 sept 15.jpg

And other proms:

09 52 ut.jpg

And a differently processed view, with inverted surface, just for fun:

09 52 ut playground.jpg

2 Replies to “First “H-alpha light” of the 150mm Refractor – September 15, 2016”

  1. Foarte interesanta ultima procesare, cea alb-negru. iti da senzatia ca vezi un camp cu iarba crescuta ici si colo.

    1. Multumesc Dragos. Da, am facut procesarea in stilul acesta tocmai pentru a reliefa detaliile din cromosfera ceva mai bine. Totusi, este mai mult un efect artistic, si nu o corecta reprezentare a ceea ce se poate observa in H-alpha. De asta incerc sa nu pun mare accent pe astfel de procesari. Ma mai joc doar din cand in cand…

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