The Moon and Jupiter – March 20, 2016

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This results are from a session that was almost stopped due to poor seeing conditions. I think I’ve said to myself that night a few times “maybe it will get better in a few more minutes”, but that never happened. Nevertheless I was able to extract something from the many (130 Gb) files acquired. The setup was composed from the 355mm F/5 Newtonian, the ASI 174MM with a Red filter for the Moon shots, and the RGB filters for Jupiter, and some Barlow lenses in between (a TV 2X Powermate and a Baader 2.25x one). Seeing was “stable” for the entire session, at around 5/10, with a staggering maximum of around 7/10 for a few seconds…

And now the shots.

Crater Tycho:


The crater Stadius with the nearby Copernicus in shadows (lower left) and Eratosthenes:


And Clavius on the terminator:


And now for Jupiter, again, in poor seeing conditions, but with a large shadow (from Callisto) visible:


And one animation showing Callisto exiting the disc, and Io leaving the field of view at left. The frames were made from the Red channels only:


Hope for some better conditions next time I’ll get the big scope aimed at Jupiter…


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