A few HR lunar images from 2015

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I’m placing all of my lunar data from 2015 to hibernation. That means that after a short recap of the folders, all of them will eventually get onto an external drive and be forgotten. At least until a new software is developed that can make fantastic images from nothing 🙂

During this process, I take a few stops at some folders and occasionally I reprocess some of the best shots of those sessions. Sometimes I find some unprocessed data. Both of the above are true for the images shown below, some for the first time on this blog.

The seeing conditions for all of the images was in general from 7 to 8/10. A few very fine details are seen in some of the shots. All images were acquired with the 355mm homemade Newtonian and ASI 120MM-S camera with a Red filter.

Sinus Iridum – November 4

Sinus Iridum Nov 4 2015.jpg

A very small rima is observable in the above image, better shown by the added arrows in the detail below. This rima is actually continuous, but the 355mm Newtonian is not able to resolve it on its entire length. The segment at right has a width of around 300 meters!


Aristarchus – November 6

Aristarchus Nov 6 2015.jpg

Pythagoras – December 24

Pythagoras Dec242015.jpg

Vallis Alpes – October 4

Vallis Alpes October 4 2015.jpg

Copernicus – October 4

Copernicus October 4 2015.jpg

Archimedes – October 4

Archimedes Oct 4 2015.jpg

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