Reprocessed High Resolution lunar views from September 2015

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I’m reanalyzing some of the lunar images from September last year, finding some new details in them, and trying to reprocess a bit better to show these details.

This time I’ve reprocessed some of the September 4th session results. During that session I had very good to excellent seeing conditions (8-9/10) and good transparency. The instrument used was the 355mm F/5 homemade Newtonian with the Baader Hyperion 2.25x Barlow lens and the ZWO ASI 120MM-S camera with a red filter. Each panel from the mosaics is a 1100 to 1400 frames stack out of 7000.

The processing started with the enlargement to 140% from original. This allowed me to reveal the smallest details a little better compared to the old processing. Only AstraImage was used for processing, and Microsoft ICE for stitching together the mosaics. Photoshop was used for the frame margins and signature. Of course, the initial stacking was done using AutoStakkert!2.

The first shot presents the area of the Hyginus, Triesnaker and Ariadaeus Rimae. The smallest detectable craters have diameters in the range of 450-500 meters. The smallest rimae visible is the one in Boscovich, which I’ve presented in an earlier post; it is visible almost in the center of the image, crossing the flat dark floor of the crater.

WARNING: This image is quite large, and exploring it will take some time! 🙂


The second image shows the area of Vallis Alpes with its inner rille and the nice-looking crater Cassini. Smallest details are again in the order of 450-500 meters.



3 Replies to “Reprocessed High Resolution lunar views from September 2015”

    1. Din cate stiu acele cratere ce au format Hyginus Rimae sunt de fapt caldere vulcanice. La fel si craterul principal, Hyginus, cel mai mare al rimei.

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