High Resolution Lunar Images – December 20, 2015 – Part I

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I’ve finally started the long process of…processing the lunar sessions data from December 2015.

Despite presenting in the last few posts some HR shots acquired under very good or excellent conditions, this time the conditions were far from perfect.

Still, some very interesting geological features at the lunar surface are present in the images, so I must post this results.

Setup: 355mm F/5 homemade Newtonian (SkyWatcher optics), Baader Hyperion 2.25x Barlow, ASI 120MM-S camera with Baader Red filter. All images are stacks of 1300-1400 frames out of 8000, under variable seeing conditions (4-5/10 for the Clavius image, and 6-7/10 for the rest of the images).

I will start with the best and most interesting result: the area around Copernicus.


The above shot is a three frame mosaic, and shows some very interesting features, especially in the lower part: a large dome with a very large caldera, and a long unnamed sinuous rille, with a width of just 500 meters.

They are identified in the following composition, which is made from part of the above shot and detailed views from the LROC QuickMap.


I’ve also made a wallpaper-like processing of the first mosaic, to have a nicer view of the area. It looks somehow more natural in this orientation:

Copernicus Wall.jpg

Other areas imaged in this session…

Crater Plato:


Craters Tycho and Longomontanus:


And the last result, an image of Clavius under poor seeing conditions, but still a nice view due to the illumination:


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