Comet Catalina near Arcturus – January 1st, 2016

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My very first image of 2016, showing the close encounter of comet C/2013 US10 (Catalina) with the brightest star of the constellation Bootes.

The shot was acquired in the morning of January 1st, from Cota 1000 near Sinaia at a temperature of minus 14 degrees Celsius.

Equipment: TS 65Q APO Refractor (D=65mm, F=420mm), Canon 550D at ISO 1600, 4 exposures of 5 minutes each. Guiding via PHD and a 50mm finder scope with the ASI 120MM-S for guiding camera, all on the EQ6 mount.

The presence of the Moon and some fog prevented the following shot to be a good one. Too bad…


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