High Resolution lunar images – November 1st, 2015 – Part I

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This is the first of two posts presenting the November 1st results. The conditions in that morning were far from perfect, with a lot of fog and 6/10 seeing.

Despite that, I’ve managed to rescue some images presenting a few well-known lunar formations.

The equipment: 355mm F/5 homemade Newtonian (SkyWatcher optics) at F/20, ASI 120MM-S camera with a Baader Red filter.

The first mosaic shows craters Theophilus, Cyrillus and Catharina near the terminator with a lot of secondary impact craters onto the mare floor nearby.


To compare the seeing conditions from this session with the almost perfect ones from September, click here for a Theophilus image.

The second mosaic shows craters Piccolomini (above) with its central peak rising from the shadows, and Fracastorius (below) with its long rille stretching across the floor. Note the peaks rising from the shadows at upper-left.


Again, for a comparison with another image of Fracastorius acquired in September in almost perfect seeing conditions, click here.

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