Venus in daytime – August 30, 2015

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On a short trip to Targoviste, where I was hopefully going to catch the ISS in transit over the disc of Venus (transit duration: 0.02seconds!) I had the luck of some very good seeing conditions for a short imaging session with Venus. Unfortunately the ISS transit was a total failure due to technical problems (hard drives, focusing…) despite perfectly clear skies, and good seeing conditions.

The Venus image, resulted from a small amount of processing of the final stacked image, is presented below together with the technical details:

venus august 30, 2015

And an artificially colored version of the above:

venus august 30 color

And a step further: composition of the above image with the one from my previous post showing sunspot group AR2403 near the limb of the Sun. Hope you’ll enjoy the image!

Sun and Venus august 2015MaximusPhotographyThe above images showing Venus were posted by Deborah Byrd on the website. Thank you Deborah!

4 Replies to “Venus in daytime – August 30, 2015”

  1. Hi Maximus, wow! Beautiful photos. I am an editor at, and we wonder if we might have your permission to publish this photo of Venus … and also one of your photos of AR2403.

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