Sunspot group AR 2403 near the solar limb – August 28, 2015

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It’s time to say goodbye to sunspot 2403! Tomorrow this large sunspot group will be right on the edge of the visible side of the Sun, and eventually will depart altogether.

I had to get one final image of it, so I drove a few miles from work and got my homemade 200mm F/5 Newtonian out in a corn field at 32 degrees Celsius.

This was the view that I had on the laptop screen (minus the color, added later during processing):


The above image was published on the first page of SpaceWeather on the same day it was acquired.

The same image was also posted on the website.

The equipment: 200mm F/5 homemade Newtonian working at F/15, Astrosolar full aperture filter, ASI 120MM-S camera with Baader Red filter. Seeing: 6-7/10.

And the normally orientated views, greyscale and color:

AR 2403 BW

AR 2403 COL

Hope another group like 2403 will be visible on the Sun soon.

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