Sunspot group AR2396 – August 11, 2015

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And another session with AR2396.

This time I had some good seeing conditions that allowed a better resolution over the Sun’s surface and better details in the main spot of AR2396.

The equipment used: 200mm F/5 Newtonian at F/20 and F/50, full aperture Astrosolar filter, ASI 120MM-S camera with Baader Green filter.

The images, both greyscale and colored:

AR2396 August11b

AR2396 August11

The above images were acquired at F/20, while the one below, showing only the main spot of AR2396 was acquired at F/50.

central spot

The rather good seeing conditions (reaching 7/10 in some moments) allowed me to capture good images of the solar granulation around a few pores:

granulation aug11 b

granulation aug11

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