Another imaging session with Lovejoy, this time from January 12, again from the Comana Woods.

The imaging setup was the TS 65Q APO Refractor and the Canon 550D at ISO 800 and 4 minutes for each of the 14 exposures. The sky conditions were not great, with a lot of humidity in the atmosphere, and light pollution.

The main result from that night shows the impressive inner tail structure:

q2 color bA grayscale version:

q2 bw bThe length of the tail is also very impressive. The following image is a two-frame mosaic, each a 5 minute exposure at ISO 800.


I was able to catch some tail in a single frame also, framed by the near-by stars:

single a

It is rather hard to catch both the background stars and tail detail in the same image, as the comet moves very fast. This is well visible in this 14x4minutes animation:

q2 Jan 12

I’m still waiting for a true dark sky up in the mountains to better catch the superb tail of the comet.


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