Comet Lovejoy and the Pleiades – January 13, 2015

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Another imaging run with Lovejoy under the darker skies of the Comana Woods. Darker compared to my closer-to-home observing location, but far from the true dark skies up in the mountains.

This time, besides the “normal” image acquired with the TS APO 65Q, I’ve also shot a wide-field image showing both the comet and the open cluster M45 in the same field.

The tail of the comet is quite long now.

q2 si m45The image above is a 9-frame stack, each a 4 minute exposure at ISO800 with the Canon 550D and a Sigma 50mm Macro lens at F/4, all on the EQ6 mount.

And the “normal” shot using the TS 65Q APO Refractor (D=65mm, F=420mm) and the Canon 550D at ISO800 and 1600, with PHD-assisted guiding, 15 frames with exposures from 240 to 300 seconds. The tail of the comet seems to get brighter.

COMETA q2 13 ian

I have another planned session for tonight, so perhaps better images are going to be posted here.


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