Crater Grimaldi – a different view

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After the Mars session resulting in the images from the previous post, I’ve also acquired a few images of a not so often imaged lunar region, depicting craters Grimaldi and Riccioli.

The image was acquired on April 13, 2014 using the C11 at F/20 and the ASI120MM with the IR-pass filter. The mosaic is composed of three images, each a 1800 frame stack. The seeing was rather poor at 3-4/10 due to the low altitude of the Moon above the horizon.


And a second image. This time, I’ve processed the image using the 3D Rendering filter in Photoshop CS2 to correct a bit for the perspective and show the craters as they would be seen from an observer in lunar orbit just above them. When I got to the end result, I was surprised and was thinking that if I would see for the first time this image, I wouldn’t figure it out which craters are presented.


The second image was selected as LPOD for April 20, 2014.


(April 20, 2014)

2 Replies to “Crater Grimaldi – a different view”

  1. Very good lunar imagery. But i’m still waiting for those “anomalies” that I hope you will reaveal sooner or later 😉

    1. Thank you Clau! Well, the only “anomalies”, that is transitory phenomena, that I hope to observe and image one day, only by chance, are the rather faint impacts of small asteroids with the lunar surface, the “lunar flashes”. Maybe I will be able to show such events on this blog someday…

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