After too many nights of cloudy skies I’ve finally managed to get some images of the Red Planet. And almost at the maximum approach to Earth.

The seeing conditions were a bit strange, with some fine details visible at times, but with the entire disc of the planet dancing on the laptop’s screen.

Again, missing the Green filter, I had to manage only with the Red and Blue channels. Some very interesting details in the Blue channel, with a lot of clouds activity and a very bright polar cap. This was also evident in the eyepiece at 550x.

Mars April 13, 2014_

And the image with some technical details and the Red and Blue images:

Mars April 13, 2014

Also, a small animation showing the rotation of the planet in the 19 minutes I’ve imaged it:

Mars animation 2

This is my best observation of Mars for this apparition, and hopefully not the last.


(April 16, 2014)

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