And yet another color infrared image. But this time I have an RGB version as well.

The first one, the color infrared image, was acquired in 2012, and it’s actually a two-image composition: one for the higher resolution details and the other for infrared colors.

Technical details:
The color data: September 2, 2012. C11@F10, DBK 41 AU02.AS and IR-pass 685nm filter.
The higher resolution data: September 29, 2012. C 11, 2.25x barlow, DBK 41 AU02.AS, IR-pass 685nm filter.
And more recently I’ve also gathered data for an RGB version, using the Red channel image also for Luminance. To bad the seeing was not that good, especially for the Green and Blue channels.
Technical details:
March 13, 2014  20:44 U.T. C11@F/20, ASI120MM, Baader RGB filters. Seeing 4-5/10. 1500 frames per channel.
LPOD_Copernicus _Max
The Red channel:
Both color images were selected by Chuck Wood and placed in a comparison for the LPOD of March 20, 2014.
(March 20, 2014)

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