Still continuing with the colored-infrared processing of lunar images…

This time, the target is Langrenus, one of the iconic large craters on the Eastern corner of the Moon.

The normal perspective image, as viewed from Earth:

langrenus initial

Again, same equipment as for the Tycho image. This time the mosaic is made up from three images. Unfortunately there is again some missing data, as marked by the black line.

A better-looking image, differently orientated:

Langrenus corner

And the corrected view, with a bit more color processing:

langrenus corrected view

Now the ray pattern of this large crater is much more evident, as is the light-blue ring around it, especially towards the South (down). Notice the butterfly wings of the crater in the lower part of the image, just above Petavius; interesting also are the different colors of it’s rays, the ones inside Mare Fecunditatis (to the North-West) being of a reddish color. There are some interesting red-ringed craters, most noticeable Al-Marrakushi and Acosta to the West and North of Langrenus, respectively. It seems that the impacts excavated iron-rich materials (if the reddish hues in my images are indeed a hint of the lunar minerals) from bellow, since their reddish color overlaps the rays of Langrenus.

Some of the above mentioned craters are marked and named in the following image:


And a perspective comparison, in which Langrenus seems to look quite a lot like Copernicus.

Langrenus perspective comparison


(March 5, 2014)

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