The large complex of sunspots 2993-2994 on April 18 in very difficult conditions, poor seeing, clouds all over.

150 mm achro, Continuum filter, ASI174MM.

A brief window of clear sky on April 20, but some poor seeing. Had to image these spots 🙂 The complexity in one of them is staggering. There was also a white light small flare visible, marked in one of the images with two white lines.
150 mm refractor, Herschel wedge, ASI174MM. Very poor seeing.

Sunspots of April 21, 2022:

At last some fair seeing at moments allowed for testing of the new 200 mm F/5 solar Newtonian. What it could do in good seeing is now evident. However, it is so much more sensitive to seeing compared to a refractor. Some of these images were acquired with the 200 mm Newton, while others with the 150 mm F/6 achromat. For WL a Herschel wedge was use on the refractor, while for H-alpha a Quark chromosphere filter was employed. ASI174MM was the camera of choice, except for the full-disc image acquired with the ASI183MM on the 150mm refractor. Seeing 3-5/10.

150 mm images:

200 mm images:

The large sunspots of April 22, in poor seeing, and only imaged for about 3 minutes through thin clouds…the rest was all clouded.

150 mm achromat, ASI174MM.

April 25, 2022: the main sunspot groups visible on the SUn, in poor to fair seeing. 150 mm F/6 achromat, Herschel wedge, ASI174MM.

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