Here I post some of my astro shots for this month.

An ISS transit under poor conditions. 115mm refractor, Canon 6D, Herschel Wedge.

Saturn and six of its moons, on August 9:

A gigantic prominence appeared on the Sun in the last few days, and still goes strong today. It looks rather like a horse with a ghost rider 🙂

August 16, 2021

150 mm Refractor and Quark Chromosphere filter, with ASI174MM. Fair seeing.

Jupiter in IR on August 16-17.

Jupiter in RGB and IR on August 16:

Saturn on August 16, 2021:

Sun features on August 24, 2021:

Jupiter ans Saturn on August 24, 2021:

Jupiter in CH4 with 355 mm Newtonian and ASI290MM. CH4 filter courtesy of Constantin Sprianu. Filter: ZWO Methane band (CH4) filter 20 nm band pass, centered at 889nm:

Jupiter in IR with 355 mm Newtonian and ASI290MM. Filter: Astronomik ProPlanet IR 742.

And a lunar shot, showing Petavius in fair seeing:

Solar activity for one hour: Sunspot group 2860 on August 27.

150 mm refractor and Quark Chromosphere with ASI174MM in poor seeing conditions.

Solar activity on August 30, with 150mm achro and Quark Chromosphere, Herschel wedge and ASI174MM in poor to fair seeing:

Sunspot AR2860 on August 31, in poor seeing, lots of wind, and two refractors: 228mm and 150mm. Both with Herschel wedge, H-alpha 35nm filter, Powermate 2.5x and ASI174MM.

A very fresh sunspot group, September 2. Left WL image with 228mm refractor, Right H-alpha image with 150mm refractor. Both in poor/fair seeing.

High solar activity on September 6. Good seeing for both white light and H-alpha imaging.

Lots of Ellerman bombs…

150mm, Quark H alpha, ASI174MM.

Sunspots 2866 and 2868 on September 7 with the 228 mm refractor in fair seeing. H-alpha 35nm filter, ASI174MM, Baader 2″ Herschel prism.

Jupiter and Io with its shadow on September 6, 2021. 355 mm Newton with IR pass filter and ASI290MM in poor to fair seeing. The animation spans around 30 minutes.

Sunspots of September 9:

Sunspots of September 9. Acquired with the 228 mm refractor at my work place. Good seeing, but not excellent for such a large refractor…

And with the 150 mm refractor:

Sunspots on September 10 with the 228 mm refractor, in poor to fair seeing.:

An animation showing sunspot group AR2866 evolve during one day (Sept 9-Sept10):

Jupiter in Methane on September 12. A 12 minute imaging run using a CH4 filter, 355 mm Newtonian and ASI290MM in poor to fair seeing. Io is at right, while Europa at left.

Sunspots AR2866 and AR2868 towards the solar limb. 228mm refarctor, Quark Chromosphere, ASI174MM. Seeing 5-6/10.

Jupiter on September 13 with the 355 mm Newtonian in very good seeing. Red filter images here, showing both Io and its shadow.

Two very different views of Jupiter: one in the UV and one in the red part of the visible spectrum. Note the very dark appearance of the GRS. Also, the shadow of Io is dark in both cases, but so is Io itself in the UV…

Io and its shadow on September 13-14:

Planet Jupiter on September 15. First result using the ADC (Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector). Poor to fair seeing mostly.

Jupiter in infrared light on September 16. Note the way the GRS is pulling matter inside it, with a spiral detectable inside it. 355 mm Newtonian, 742 nm IR filter, ASI462MC. Poor seeing.

Jupiter on September 16 under very poor and poor seeing conditions. The GRS is seen. Ganymede also shows some details despite the seeing conditions.

Solar shots on September 19: What a sight!! A giant prominence evolving in just minutes and new/old sunspot 2871/2860 on the limb. This is perhaps my last solar image for a while since a bad weather front is about to come, so I ad to take a quick look before the clouds roll in. 150 mm refractor, Quark Chromosphere, ASI174MM. Fair seeing.

A 30-minutes worth of solar activity in just a couple of seconds. Today’s large prominence images with a 150 mm refractor and Quark Chromosphere.

Four IR images of the planet Jupiter acquired in September. Note the dark outer ring of the GRS: on Sept 16 it was open, while on Sept 18 it was closed again.

355mm Newtonian, 742nm filter, 290MM and 462MC.

Solar flare on September 25. 150 mm ref and Quark filter. Poor seeing.

Jupiter on September 26 in fair to good seeing:

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