Sunspots of June 29, 2021

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A nice sunspot group is transiting the solar surface these days, that goes by the poetic name AR2835.

And it’s not alone: another smaller group is very close and bares the name AR2836.

There is some activity in these two groups, but they don’t seem (for now) that they could generate flares.

The following animation shows the activity over 25 minutes compressed in just about one second.

Note the changing in shape of the main spot of AR2835 (near center) and the many small Ellerman’s Bombs around the second spot of 2835 (far left) and the main spot of AR2836 (right).

Equip: 150mm Refractor, Quark H alpha filter, ASI174MM. Seeing 5-7/10.

A few still images:

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