High Resolution lunar images – February 22, 2021

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After such a long time since my last lunar imaging session, I’ve finally decided that it should be a good time to try and touch the Moon again. Luckily I’ve made up my mind on a superb evening, with the Moon very high up in the sky, and some excellent seeing at times. My trusty 355 mm Newtonian was not rusted, neither were my camera and Barlows 🙂

Equip: 355 mm F.4.5 Newtonian, 2.5 TV and 2.7x ATM Barlow lenses, ASI 174MM camera and Red filter. Seeing 6-9/10 (yes, some superb seeing was at hand for some minutes). Due to the good conditions, I’ve decided that oversampling could be a good solution, to try and define better the smallest details. This is why some of the images show craters that are a bit too…well…enlarged :). Some of these images are my best of the targets, and this was possible not only due to the seeing, but also due to the favorable libration (like for Clavius and Moretus).





Ptolemaeus, Alphonsus and Arzachel in under high Sun:

Mare Crisium:


The South:

Moretus and Clavius:

Around Mare Humorum:

Around Copernicus:

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