Macrophotography – January-February 2021

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This year I’ve started early with the Macro stuff..

January 2 (Giurgiu county, South)

January 4 (Giurgiu county, South)

January 7 (Dambovita county):

Mid-January, from Maramures County:

January 22:

January 23:

Osmoderma barnabita pupa:

Lampyris noctiluca:

Cerocoma sp:

Empusa fasciata, in the middle of Winer:

Macroglossum stellatarum pupa:

Osmoderma barnabita pupa:

February 10:

Onthophagus fracticornis:

Empusa fasciata, a rare reddish form nymph:

Papilio machaon. This is my largest macro image to date, as it is a large mosaic (original resolution about 30000 x 30000 pixels) and was acquired at 2x magnification for a total of 64 panels, each a stack of 5 up to 9 images. The very low resolution image is shown below:

The one-third-resolution one, of abut 52 Mb:

February 25:

Apalus bimaculatus

Meloe decorus

Cucujus cinnabernius

Valgus hemipterus (male):

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