The Transit of Mercury – November 11, 2019

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Another one such event occurred today: a transit of the innermost planet, Mercury, over the disk of the Sun. Lovely views in H-alpha light, White light, and also unfiltered light 🙂 at sunset.

The first shot presented is actually the last one acquired: the sunset with a tiny tiny darker dot seen through cirrus clouds. Equip: 150mm Bresser achromat, unfiltered, Canon 6D at ISO100, 1/4000s.

Mercury Transit Nov112019.jpg

The first processed H-alpha view, showing Mercury between the First and Second contacts. Poor seeing for this sequence.

MercuryTransitHalpha12 36UT.jpg

And the first processed view of the transit in White Light. The solar granulation is also seen. Equip: 150mm achromat, Baader 2″ Herschel Wedge, Solar Continuum 10nm filter, ASI174MM.



A comparison between White-Light and H-alpha images during the transit:


An image sequence showing the ingress of Mercury:

MercuryTransit Sequence.jpg

A first try at the large animation:


And the end result of the animation:


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