I haven’t been into the Astro-imaging “business” for quite a while, so I thought that this situation must change 🙂

Luckily, there were a few occasions in the last few days to get some images, like three ISS  transits and some solar prominences. Also some lunar shots, but for those I’ll have a different post.

I’ll start with the Sun:

-Two rather large proms on the Sun, images in H-alpha with a 115mm refractor and Quark Chromosphere filter. Poor to fair seeing for this shot, and the proms were pretty faint, but this is my first H-alpha shot in a very long time…

Large proms Aug 23 3019.jpg

-An ISS solar transit, imaged in poor seeing, with a 115mm refractor in Green light. Note the inset showing a better view of the Station, the image itself being a stack of multiple frames.

Color ISS Aug 23 2019.jpg

-Yet another ISS solar transit. Again imaged with the 115mm refractor but this time using for sensor the Canon 6D at ISO 100 and 1/4000s. A 0.7 second event captured in an agricultural field near Comana, GR, at 36 Celsius.

ISS Aug 27 2019.jpg

Another ISS transit from August 6, 2019. This is a short gif showing the ISS at about 1/20 the speed it actually transited the Sun. 115mm refractor and Herschel wedge with ASI 174MM, on a cloudy day…

iss august 6 2019.gif


One very small sunspot group from September 3rd. Imaged under excellent seeing in both H-alpha and White light with the 150mm refractor.


AR2748 halpha bw.jpg

AR2748 whitelight bw.jpg

And a 20 minutes animation of the sunspot group:

ar h alpha.gif


The Moon under very good seeing conditions, considering the low altitude of only 20 degrees. Imaged with the 115mm APO refractor, ASI174MM and green filter.




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