A moon, a cluster and three nebulae – March 10, 2019

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An imaging session with two celestial objects. The first one: the Moon.

Hanging at around 30 degrees above the horizon, in a very turbulent atmosphere. Nevertheless, a lovely view through the scope at any magnification. Equipment: 115mm F/7 APO, 2.7X Barlow lens, ASI174MM with red filter. Seeing 3-4/10.


The second imaged object from this session, the open cluster Messier 46. Along this cluster, a few other objects are present in the image: a couple planetary nebulae, and one protoplanetary nebula. Equipment: 115mm F/7 APO, ASI1600MMC. 105x15sec exposures.

m 46 medium.jpg

And a detail image with the three identified nebulae (at 150% size):


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