Comana Woods at -7 Celsius – January 12, 2019

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New photo gear and a nice cold evening in the Comana Woods.

Not many subjects to test the equipment, but some spectacular light and colors: the blue of the sky reflected by the snow, and the reddish cirrus clouds and tall grasses.

Comana 1.jpg

Comana 12.jpg

Comana 13.jpg

Comana 14.jpg

Comana 15.jpg

Comana 2.jpg

Comana 3.jpg

Comana 4.jpg

Comana 5.jpg

Comana 6.jpg

Comana 7.jpg

Comana 8.jpg

Comana 9.jpg

Comana 10.jpg

Comana 11.jpg

Comana 16.jpg

Comana 17.jpg

Comana 18.jpg


Comana 19.jpg

Comana 21.jpg

Camera: Canon 6D

Lenses: Sigma Macro 50mm, Samyang 8mm F/3.5 fisheye, Canon 70-200mm L F/4.

A tripod was used for HRD shots.

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