Comet Wirtanen – December 27, 2018

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A new session with 46P/Wirtanen, this time under poorer skies compared to my last session from two nights ago. The comet was visible with the naked eye but much ore difficult.

The images show a slightly elongated coma, but no sign of tail. The Larson-Sekanina filter shows a hint of the tail observed on December 25 (towards lower right), but the poor transparency affected too much the data.

Equipment: TS 65Q APO F/6.5, ASI 1600MMC Pro, Baader RGB filters. Luminance: 6x180sec, RGB: 2X120sec each. Tracking using a 50mm finderscope and ASI174MM and PHD.



Tracking the comet’s nucleus, and the LS filter result:


And a detail showing some faint galaxies below the comet:


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